Thursday, January 5, 2017

Stardust, in Teal

Well, it's 2017.  Is blogging too old-fashioned, these days? Or are all the cool kids over on Instagram?

Anyway, I'm gonna give it a shot. Here's the first painting I've finished this (new) year.  It's part of my Stardust series, this one done in teal. (12"x36", acrylic on canvas.)

Last night, after I finished painting the edges, I went to pick my husband, because it's freezing, and too cold to walk even a short distance. 

I came home to find teal paw prints everywhere. On the kitchen counter, on the back of a pan that was drying, down a cabinet, across the kitchen floor, up the carpet in the hallway, and on top of the clothes dryer. 

Yup. I forgot to cover my palette, and a cat got into it. The culprit wasn't hard to pin down. Thistleweed still had paint between her toes.

My only saving grace was that the paint wasn't quite dry. It took plenty of scrubbing, but I even got it out of the carpet.

Happy 2017!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's Been a While...

I've been gone from the blog for a long, long while. I've been frustrated, and tried some different things. (Ceramics, for one, which I greatly enjoyed.)

But lately I've been picking up my brush and pens again, and it feels really good. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy watercolors.  I think I've been trying to be who I thought I "should" be, rather than who I actually am.  (And let's face it, that never works. At least not for long.)

So I'm going to try just being me for a while.

I'm working on some large pieces, which take quite a while, but am going to try to do a small, fun painting most days.  None of them will be serious, just something I dash off to get the creativity flowing.  They will be for sale, cheap! Otherwise my family will start drowning in paintings.

But in the meantime, here are some shots of my current WIP.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Goldfish As Helium Balloon - 6"x6"

Goldfish As Helium Balloon
acrylic on canvas


This is another take on the balloon goldfish. Why again?  This time I wanted it on canvas, rather than on watercolor paper. It's so much easier to hang that way.

And why helium goldfish? Why not? They're fun to imagine, and fun to paint.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Daily Painting

I've just joined Daily Paintworks, which is a fabulous art site.  There are some truly fabulous artists to be found there, and incredible art bargains. You should check it out.

I'll be posting art there several times a week, as well as here on the blog.

Also, I'm committed to doing my first art festival this year, so I'll be painting a lot of fun, small paintings. Because really, how many art festival attendees can afford to drop several thousands of dollars on paintings? So I'm working on small art that will range from about $35 to $75.

I'm applying to a few shows, and when I know if I am accepted, I'll post the news here.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


We just felt an earthquake! Didn't know that was supposed to happen in Kansas. Judging by who else felt it, I'm guessing it was in Oklahoma.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sulking, In Writing

When 6 year-olds, who are learning to write, decide to sulk:

"Deer Mom,

I du not lieke yu getting a purpl streeke in yur hare. I am gooing to my ruum. Loeve, Zoe."

I convinced her to wait until December to sulk about it, so she went outside to play on her swing set instead. ;->

But I predict she'll actually like the purple streak, and start demanding one in her own hair. (Luckily, the elementary school rules don't allow it.)