Thursday, January 5, 2017

Stardust, in Teal

Well, it's 2017.  Is blogging too old-fashioned, these days? Or are all the cool kids over on Instagram?

Anyway, I'm gonna give it a shot. Here's the first painting I've finished this (new) year.  It's part of my Stardust series, this one done in teal. (12"x36", acrylic on canvas.)

Last night, after I finished painting the edges, I went to pick my husband, because it's freezing, and too cold to walk even a short distance. 

I came home to find teal paw prints everywhere. On the kitchen counter, on the back of a pan that was drying, down a cabinet, across the kitchen floor, up the carpet in the hallway, and on top of the clothes dryer. 

Yup. I forgot to cover my palette, and a cat got into it. The culprit wasn't hard to pin down. Thistleweed still had paint between her toes.

My only saving grace was that the paint wasn't quite dry. It took plenty of scrubbing, but I even got it out of the carpet.

Happy 2017!

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Talking Horses Arts said...

hahahaa you are not the only one with painted cat paws. I know the feeling.