Friday, November 21, 2008

The Little Empath

Tonight we got the very bad news that a friend's daughter had broken her arm. Kira is a very good friend of my daughter. And when Zoe got the news, she had a total meltdown. "She's broken! She won't be able to play anymore!" "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" I held her for nearly 20 minutes while she bawled her eyes out. No matter what we told her, that the doctor had fixed her up, that bones heal, that she'll be just fine, that both Mommy and Daddy have broken bones, she just would NOT be consoled. She had to talk to Kira on the phone before she would believe that she'd be all right.
Zoe just cannot stand for anyone to be unhappy or hurt. She's been known to give her balloon animals to crying babies in restaurants, and sings her favorite song (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) to any crying child she comes across. I love that about her, but fear she's going to suffer when she gets into elementary school.
Now, at least, she's tucked into bed and calmed down. She just called Danny up to tell him that her new fish is helping her sleep.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Save My Cat - Art Sale

Nimue, my orange tabby, has cancer. She needs expensive surgery. To help finance her treatment, I'm selling off a lot of art, cheap.

Art makes a great holiday gift, for you or a loved one. Plus, with a purchase, you'll know you've helped me, and helped Nimue.

For now, to purchase art, just send me an email. By Monday, I'll have an Etsy shop up for easy purchasing.

Check back, as new art will be listed daily. Tomorrow, there will be Christmas cards for sale as well.

Woodpecker and Wood Duck

Both are done in watercolor. The wood duck is about 4x4", and is available for $15. The pileated woodpecker is 4.5x6", and is available for $20.

Sun Conure

6x6" watercolor of a sun conure. Original available for $17.

Watercolor Caterpillar

This is a tiny watercolor of a monarch caterpillar. App. 4x4" Original available for $6.

Pen and Ink Seahorse and Sealife

Image size app. 6x9". Pen and ink. The seahorse is surrounded by sea stars, rays, sand dollars, seashells, horseshoe crabs, and coral. Original is available for $21.


Watercolor seahorse. Size app. 4"x8" (though on an 7x10 watercolor paper)

Original available for $15.

Red Eft

Watercolor of a red eft, and the namesake of this blog. Appx. 4"x7". Original available for $15.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Welcome to the new blog. This blog will be the place where I share my new art, and discuss the challenges and rewards of becoming a professional illustrator. Discussions about life and family and such will still mostly be at New Frontiers.

Most paintings and drawings posted here will be for sale through my Etsy site.

I'll start posting work tomorrow, so please stop back then!