Monday, September 28, 2009

Argh. And NaBloWriMo.

October is National Blog Writing Month, and I've signed up to participate. So expect a new blog post each day in October.

Expect much of it to be frustrated - I've decided to learn a new skill. Sewing. I'm not a complete novice - I can sew buttons, hems, and the like, but I've decided to REALLY learn to sew. Garments, curtains, costumes, stuffed animals.... It seems like a skill a mom should have.

I borrowed a friend's sewing machine, and spent the evening figuring it out. All I have to show for it is a small, slightly lopsided, beanbag cat. With a shorter tail than I'd planned. But it is sewn, from 3 calico parts, 2 felt ears, and a braided yarn tail. I even used embroidery floss to sew a little kitty face. Danny seems charmed by it, so it can't be quite as bad as I think it is.

And, hey. I can only get better, right?


I cannot believe I haven't posted here since May. Shame on me.

But I promise I'm going to go back to blogging. Really and truly. As Jocelyn Jackson would say, "Little pink sock."

Anyway, since it seems the midwest has stolen my ability to paint, I've been spending lots of time with Zoe doing crafts. We recently tackled papier mache, which was, perhaps, not the best idea with a 4 year-old. By the end, she had painted her whole body with paste.

But here's the end result of that session: Halloween Cat! I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out. And yes, there is glitter on the spots.