Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where The Time Goes...

As a parent, I sometimes wonder where the time goes. Today I figured it out.

I set out an hour to devote to work. I set Zoe up with a movie (yeah, I know... kids should never watch movies or TV.... blah, blah, blah....), some fruit, and some juice, and a firm explanation that I needed to draw, and set to work with an eye on the clock.

Here's the breakdown of that hour:

8 mins: Searching for my eraser and .35mm archival ink pen (somehow, they were in the dollhouse.)
11 mins: Getting more juice, more snacks, cleaning fruit off the floor.
7 mins: Letting cats and dog in and out and in and out.
4 mins: Showing Zoe, on the calendar, how long until her birthday party.
10 mins: Removing towel from the toilet and cleaning up afterwards.
3 mins: Providing tissues and helping with nose blowing.
17 minutes: Actual work.

I did get some sketching done, in preparation for a drawing tomorrow. I should have been doing some cut-paper illustration, but have a nagging knot in my shoulder due to the last 3 days of cutting. So, back to the pen and ink for a day or so.

Also, I just watched the Presidential address. And I think Obama did a fine job. Why do people think he should have fixed things already? Did they think this was fixable in a month? Afraid not. It's going to be harder than that. But I very much approve of his take on healthcare, education, and growing the economy through green energies.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Not a Good Start

Woke up this morning to Zoe complaining that the toilet wouldn't stop. She'd thrown half a roll of toilet paper in before flushing.

But of course she doesn't admit it - she tried to blame it on her "Anty Friend." When I explained that you can't blame things on imaginary friends, she relented- halfway.

"You're right. Ants don't have hands. But I didn't do it!"

So we hopped out of bed to find a flooding bathroom and realize that - somehow- our plunger didn't move with us. (Plungers are things that you don't notice until you need them - especially if they're not there.) So we turned off the water and sent Danny to the store for a plunger - at 7:30 AM.

Then plunging, mopping, and the washing (with bleach) of many, many towels.

At 9, I called a friend to see if her daughter would like to come over and play with Zoe this afternoon. Alas, her Grandma is in town, and she's not available. Zoe's reaction? She burst into tears, and threatened another flood.

Not a great start to a Friday.

Now I'll get some work done - check back tomorrow for a new paper cut.