Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Oldie but Goodie

Complementary Parrot 6"x6", watercolor

Today I didn't finish the piece I started, as I spent the evening with my family at the RV show. (Where my daughter was far more interested in the reptile show than the rvs. She even posed for a picture with a python draped around her shoulders.)

But I'm still posting a painting - it's just one I completed a couple of years ago, and found in the bottom of an art storage bin.

Tomorrow I'll finish the owl I'm working on, and get it up here!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Summer Snowshoe Hare

This one, too, is $28. Original watercolor, 7"x8.5"
My daughter has declared this one to be her favorite.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Promotion and a Contest!


I've decided to run a February promotion/contest! What, you say? It's still January? Yeah, yeah. I'm starting early, hoping maybe spring will get the same idea.

In honor of our shortest month, I'll be posting a small pen & ink & watercolor painting each day. Each will be only $28. (Affordable art! Get yourself something nice, or stock up the gift closet!)

Also, on the last day of February, I'll take the names of everyone who comments on my blog during February, put them in a hat, and have my daughter draw one. The winner will get to choose any one of the paintings I paint this month. (It will be matted but unframed.)

So keep checking back, and tell your friends!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Symptom of Parenthood

I abhor sewing, and yet I just spent the last two hours sewing teeny-tiny finger puppets. A unicorn and a shark. My fingers bear the bloody stab marks to prove it.

And yet the giggles of my daughter adding eyes and glitter and jewels make it all worth it.

Though I have to admit this is the first jeweled, finger-puppet shark I've ever seen.

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Web Site

As promised, I unveil the new web site today.

Though there was some question about it, as today is a snow day. And there's nothing quite like trying to meet a deadline when school has been cancelled. The snow is supposed to continue through today and tonight, which means school may also be out tomorrow. Oh, joy.

But the web site is up. Red Eft Studio.

Please take a look, and tell me what you think. I'll be adding new artwork all the time, so keep checking back!

Catching Up

I can't believe I'm just now catching up from Christmas.

On December 23rd, we sent Zoe down with her aunt and uncle to visit her grandparents a day ahead of us. Then, on Christmas Eve morning, we woke up to a dead furnace and a cold house. There was much delay, but we finally got someone out to fix it. The igniter was replaced, the house started to warm up, and we could safely leave the cats to the pet sitter.

Christmas Day was pleasant chaos.

The day after, still at Zoe's grandparents, we woke up to a dead furnace and a cold house. Again. After a few hours, they got someone to come take a look. They needed to replace the igniter.

It was decided that we carried a furnace virus, and were gently discouraged from visiting anyone else's house. Ha.