Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kayaking and Miniature Art

The weather was beautiful this morning (not too hot, not too windy) so I took advantage and went kayaking at Shawnee Mission Park with a friend. It was the perfect morning to be out. The frogs were everywhere, and not the least bit worried about us. In fact, many of them let us get close enough to touch them, so I got some good pictures.

I'm planning to do some more miniature paintings to enter into juried exhibits this fall, and one of the bullfrogs was just begging to be painted. I may even post it in progress here, as I work on the painting. I love miniature art - it's kind of unexpected, and can be finished relatively quickly. (Though it can be hard on the back and on the eyes.)

Since I'm alone in the house at the moment (a rarity!) I may get started now.