Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Suck At This

Apparently, I'm really, really bad at posting everday.

But there's a lot going on.That's not really much of an excuse, though. Look at the Soap Crone. She's a teacher, a publisher, a soaper, a mom, and she still manages it. But not me.

Ah, well.

Zoe has been having nightmares. Multiple nightmares a night, which make it hard for her to go to bed, or to go back to sleep after she's had one. Danny is not very sympathetic in the middle of the night, since he never had nightmares as a kid. I did however,which my Mom will surely attest to. Many, many nightmares. And it was terrifying.

So I'm a bit more sympathetic, but was still getting dragged down by all the being up in the middle of the night all the time. Solution: We're keeping an air mattress in our room. If Zoe has a nightmare, she can come sleep there. And everyone is back to sleep in 2 minutes. Zoe's still having nightmares, but she's not as afraid to go to bed, and we're all better rested.

In other news, Danny has agreed that if I can manage to actuall get regular freelance illustration work, enough to qualify as a 2nd income, we can get out of here and go home. (I'd love to go to the east coast, but he doesn't think it would suit him. And this definitely doesn't suit me.)

So, working on a kick-ass portfolio. Then I'll find an art rep, and hopefully get into the educational illustration market. Textbooks and the like. If I'm lucky. That's the plan, anyway. Wish me luck!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I still can't believe it's October. Also, it seems that we went straight from summer into winter, with only a couple of autumn days in between. It's cold, dark, and rainy. Kind of feels like a Seattle December. But everyone promises me this isn't normal, and we should still have some nice days lurking around the corner.

But regardless of the weather, October is moving fast. There's still a lot to look forward to: Halloween, get-togethers with friends, the new Tinkerbell movie (hey, my daughter is 4, it's better than princess fare.)

Then November. Thanksgiving. Cold weather that sticks around. Nanowrimo. Danny's already working on his plot. I'm debating whether or not I should take part. And I'm leaning towards yes, though it usually drives me crazy. Any of you taking part?

Friday, October 9, 2009


I can't believe it's finally the weekend. Tomorrow will be busy, with a visit to an art studio, a field trip for Zoe, and a pot luck in the evening.

But even with all that, I'm hoping to start a new miniature painting. Perhaps I'll even finish it by Sunday, and can post it here.

I really need to move on to a new animal - I seem fixated on foxes whenever I pick up a brush or a pen. Any good suggestions?

And, yes, Iknow this is dull, but I'm trying desperately to post every day, even when I have nothing much to say. So there.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Is NOT My Skill Set

Two days of sewing, two stuffies to show for it. They're not what I think they should be, and they took HOURS. Apparently, sewing is not something I'm good at. ;->
(Sometimes I wish people came with owner's manuals.)

But at least D and Zoe are charmed.

Morning Surprises

In my quest to master sewing, I've been making a lot of little stuffed animals. Cats, mice, bunnies...
And while I'm not always pleased with the result, Zoe loves waking up in the morning to find a new little stuffie sitting on the couch. And you just can't argue with a happy kiddo.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stranger Than Fiction

I heard a great, true story at the playground today.
A family was visiting the zoo in St. Louis. The parents turned around and discovered that their 4 year-old son was missing. They couldn't find him, and much panic ensued. After nearly two hours of searching by parents, zoo staff, and the police, the boy was located. He was just fine - he'd just wandered off and was doing his own thing.
He was soundly scolded and the family got in their car for the 4 hour drive home. Not wanting to get into more trouble, the boy failed to tell them something.
2+ hours into the drive, he asked his Mom if she'd be mad if he told her that something.
That something was... he had a penguin in his backpack. A live penguin.No one figured out how he got ahold of it, but the family turned around and drove several hours back to hand the penguin over to some very confused zookeepers.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Still Tuesday, Really

I'm not going to miss two days in a row! I did forget yesterday. The Campfire Kids Halloween Party made most of my brain into mush, and I just totally spaced it.
Zoe loved the party - and I'll admit it WAS fun - just loud. Nothing like large numbers of preschool kids running around in the dark with glow sticks, screaming, to deafen the adults.

But it was totally worth it - and tomorrow I may even post some of the pictures.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


As promised, the pear tart. It's delicious, and super-easy.
I didn't even use an actual recipe. Just your basic lard crust, then I mixed 6 peeled and sliced pears with about 1/3 c. of sugar and maybe a teaspoon of cinammon. (I didn't measure - just sprinkled it on til it looked right.) Put it in the crust and spooned some caramel (the ice cream topping kind, but good quality) over top. Added the leaves and acorns (also easy - used cutters from Williams Sonoma) then baked at 375 degrees for about 35 minutes. Then cool most of the way and serve with vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm....

And if you're in need of a good crust recipe, here's one I always have good luck with.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Best Intentions Never Put a Tart In the Oven

I really intended to make a tart. But I know you don't believe me. I wouldn't, either.

I woke up with a nasty case of allergies this morning. I had a fat lip and puffy, itchy eyes. So most of my day was devoted to benadryl and cold compresses, which is never fun.

But I managed to depuff enough to go out with D tonight! Our first date night in months! Zoe stayed with her friend Lily and her family, where she played, watched a movie, had dinner, and did Halloween crafts. She was one happy, tired little girl.

And D and I got to have a dinner where we didn't have to tell anyone to turn around and sit down, and then browsed in a bookstore. Very low-key, but wonderful. It's amazing what a date night can do for your sanity. What little I have left will abide a bit longer, thank the gods.

Friday, October 2, 2009

With a Good Book, Size Does Count

When reading a fantastic book, it's such a joy to know that it's 1500 pages long.

No Tart

The day got away from me. After a vet trip with a sick kitten, a fussy daughter, a haircut for said daughter, a papier mache project, and grocery shopping, the pear tart has not happened.

But tomorrow is another day, and a Saturday to boot. Perfect for baking.

It's getting cool here, and Danny's tomato plant is dying off. But it's determined to have a last hurrah - it's ripening small tomatoes like mad,more quickly than it did all summer. Each night, we pull another few ripe tomatoes off, and watch a few more brown leaves fall. The plant is valient, and we're enjoying the early fall fruits.

But I do dream of a greenhouse, to have fresh, homegrown veggies all winter.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1

It's still October. I've got another 40 minutes before I screw up the first day of NaBloWriMo.

Not much to say today. Did some papier mache. Cleaned the house. Dreamed of being in a little cottage in a coastal, New England town. Started a rag rug for Zoe.

The kitten has runny eyes and an almost constant sneeze, so we need to take her in to the vet tomorrow.

Could this be any duller? Tomorrow I'll work harder at actually having something to say. I'm planning to make a pear tart, so maybe I'll post the recipe and a pic.