Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chaos Begets Blogging?

I haven't blogged since May. So why now, when everything is chaos, am I suddenly moved to blog? (Note that during that sentence I had to get up twice - once to get my daughter a new spoon, and the next moment to clean lime yogurt off her feet.)

I think everyone suffers chaos in December. There's too much to do, too little money, too little time. And seven unexpected things that go wrong. Expensive car repairs. Relatives coming in from the same city on two different flights that land hours apart on the same day. Two colds in a row. Worry about the norovirus shutting down schools. Doctor's appointments. Cats attacking the Christmas tree. Artic weather.

And yet I'm painting every day. I finally joined the local artists group, and will volunteer with their auction in the new year. I'm hopeful that I'll meet some artists, as I don't know any here yet. (Though that will be about when D gets a new job in Seattle or San Fran, most likely. His current contract ends in May, and that seems to be where the offers are coming from.)

It's funny - we look forward to Christmas all year, and then - some of us, at least - look forward to New Year's and the chance to relax, at least a little.

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