Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Spring has sprung!

I'll readily admit that I can't stand Kansas in the summer or in the winter. But spring and fall are glorious. Even if this spring has a split personality. One day it's in the forties, the next day it's in the nineties. But everywhere the trees are green - or purple, or pink, or white. The magnolias and red buds are amazing right now. And grape hyacinths are sprouting up in our lawn.

I've taken Zoe out to the Prairie Center twice recently, and wildlife has been everywhere. Deer, turtles, frogs, birds.... we've even seen a porcupine (up in a tree) and a weasel (crossing the path.)
Got to get out and enjoy the weather before it gets too hot and humid to be outside. (Yeah, I'm still a cold-weather Yankee at heart.)

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