Monday, May 23, 2011

Crazy Weekend

Danny's family was in this weekend, and we had some crazy weather for them. Saturday night, after most were tucked up in bed, the tornado warning sirens went off, and most of us scurried to the dank basement to wait it out. For me and Zoe, it was the first time we've ever heard the sirens in use.

At UU the next morning, we learned that most people just turned on the weather report then decided not to go down. Apparently the sirens in all our cities go off if a tornado is spotted anywhere in the county. So there was no real threat near us.

The next day, just about when Danny's family was arriving home in SW Missouri, a huge tornado swept through their area and nearly wiped out Joplin. Their town was spared, and they didn't even hear the sirens, but it was too close nonetheless. (And I can't imagine how the residents of Joplin are feeling right now.)

This weekend, we're going out to get a NOAA weather radio so we can really know what is going on when severe weather hits.

But last night was calm, so I made these mushrooms for Danny's desk. He wanted them to make him feel better when the powers that be treat him like a mushroom. (i.e. - keep him in the dark and feed him sh*t.)

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