Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We did Storytime at the library today. During a story about a pea who didn't want his candy for dinner, the librarian asked all the kids what their favorite foods are.

"Cheese pizza!"
"Mac n'cheese!"
"Hot dogs!"
"Chicken nuggets!"

All the usual. But when she got to Zoe...

"Clams and ciopinno!"


Brenda D. Baker said...

lol, My friends daughter once, while totally disgusted with the side options at the restraunant..... you know mac n cheese, fries, and applesauce........ snuffed up her nose and said "Can't I just have some broccoli?"

Joan Y said...

Hehe, this post cracks me up! I have a Godson that said the same thing ... his favorite is sushi.