Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Need a Room

So much art, and so many art supplies. I need to get to work on transforming the camo and neon green guest room into something with white walls, that can function both as an art studio and a guest room. Working on the kitchen table just isn't cutting it any more.

But I do enjoy my mornings spent drawing at the table, while Zoe draws beside me. Her skills are improving by leaps and bounds, and jet-pack assisted flights. Give her 10 years, and she'll be outdoing me. (Which is a good thing. A very good thing.)

I won't have much spare time tomorrow, so I'll post a few pieces, basically studies in pen and ink, that I worked on tonight. I'm wanting to put together a mythologically based pen and ink series to try and jury into a few art shows this year. My fingers are crossed. Well, except for when they're holding a pen or a brush.


Joan Y said...

OMG, I love your penwork! Did you do your crosshatching by hand??? So perfect!

Selkie said...

Done beautifully as usual. I think everyone knows what you mean when you say you need a room for yourself, a place where your work "stuff" is, a place where you don't have to put it away so you can get normal stuff done. Have you tried Rio Grande for your bails? You can try them at

Laura said...

Thanks, Joan and Selkie - and yes, I did the cross-hatching by hand, but it's a very small piece - only about 2" x 3.5".