Monday, May 4, 2009

Stolen Magic

Esri Rose is a friend of mine. And her second novel, Stolen Magic, is now available from Amazon.

Adventure, romance, humor, elves... you know you want a copy.

She's also running a contest.

Somewhere on this site is a "Secret Elven Code Word" - find it and link to an entry form for the contest. You can win a weekend at a green, Boulder hotel, boutique gift certificates, restaurant dinners, elven jewelry, and bookplates from me!

The winner of the bookplate can have any piece of my art customized into personal, bookplate form, or request a commissioned piece.

Here are a few bookplate art examples:


Selkie said...

Hate that you three are leaving AGAIN! Anyway, getting past the tornados, spiders, etc., I think you'll enjoy Kansas - not that I've lived there, just a thought.

I bought a book some time back called "Prarie Eyrth" by a Native American and it was quite interesting.

As far as the miniature art, I've only seen one artist who is as good as you and he is in Santa Fe and a Native American. The interesting thing about him is that at the time he had been doing this type of painting for 20 years and he was in his 70's, I was simply amazed.

I've already ordered Esri's book, fell in love with the first one.



Laura said...

Thanks, Selkie! That's quite a compliment.
If you want to see some spectacular miniature wildlife art, do a search on Latham Studios.

And yes, can you believe we're moving again? I might survive the chaos, if I'm lucky.