Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Key

Busy day, but since Zoe had a playdate, I FINALLY finished this. It will be a bookplate, but I always do the "ex libris" as a separate piece, and combine them in PhotoShop. That way, this can be used for other things.... Such as coffee cups.

This design is available at Cafe Press. Click here.


andrea said...

This is a lovely illustration and would make a perfect bookplate. Have you seen The Daily Coyote? (And I never had a daughter so I named my girldog Zoe instead. She's gone now, though, and I'm stuck with two teenage boys. :)

Carol Creech said...

I really like this one, too. Very nice pen work. Pen and ink is one of my favorite media. I enjoyed the sketches you posted at the end of Feb., too. And I'm getting a kick out of reading about your adventures with your daughter...though slightly scared as I have an almost 2-year old girl...guessing I have some of these to look forward to myself! :)

Laura said...

Andrea, thank you. I haven't seen the Daily Coyote. Must search it. And yes, we know MANY dogs named Zoe.

Carol, Thank you. And yes, the kiddos are an adventure as they grow - but there's more than just trouble to look forward to: Zoe's favorite morning activity is making our coffee. (It's a Senseo machine, so pods rather than grounds, and not a mess or a danger.)