Monday, March 30, 2009


In honor of the owls nesting up at the lake, here's a weekend watercolor. 
I'm not 100% happy with it, but then, that's usually the case. But I learn a little more with each one. 

This watercolor is 5"x5",  which might seem small. But I'm working on paintings for the miniature show at Parklane Gallery, the largest of which is 3"x5".  The smallest, if it turns out, will be 2"x2".

 If I'm going to keep painting miniatures, I need to buy a mat cutter.  The framing people look at you like you're missing a few marbles when you ask for a mat cut that small.  But I love the immediacy of it.  Even with my level of detail, I can finish a painting every day or two.


Brenda D. Baker said...

The detail is really phenomenal for something that size! They never turn out exactly like what we imagine do they? Like children, I think they just take over and become their own personality. :P

Esri Rose said...

OMG, I think it's incredible!