Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Toad-em Pole

Here's a copy of the latest pen and ink. My hands and eyes are both hurting after this one!
This is the black and white version - I'm not happy with the visibility of the top toads, with the busy-ness of the background. So this weekend, I'm going to add watercolor, and see if I can get the toads to pop more. (And since this is safely scanned, even if I screw it up it won't be a disaster.)
This afternoon, I'm going to start working on a piece w/bees and butterflies. It's going to be smaller. Part of a smaller series, actually. I like working small. (the toads are 9"x12", and took forever)
Pen and ink lends itself to smaller work, and I like the rush of finishing a piece. (As, I'm sure, all artists do.)
In other news, Danny is still under consideration for the job in Burlington, VT. It would be quite a change, but probably for the better. I'd certainly love to get back to Eastern forests!
Wish us luck!


Carol Creech said...

I really like this one! Again, love the pen and ink and your patience for doing such a detailed piece! I like the style of your work - very woodcut-like. I see what you mean with the toads at the top...I'll be curious to see the watercolor when you get it done. I'm sure that will help it to pop.

P.S. Good luck with the Vermont job! Went there for my honeymoon years ago - beautiful!

Brenda D. Baker said...

Are you sure you weren't an engraver in a past life? ;D

Wonderful detail- Do you do stipling too? Looks wonderful. I will enjoy seeing more.

Laura said...

Thanks, Carol!

Brenda, I actually think I was a stonemason in a past life. ;->
And yes, I do stippling. But it doesn't always reproduce as well as I'd like.