Monday, April 13, 2009


Sorry I've been so quiet lately, but there's a lot going on. We're hoping Danny will get the job he interviewed for last week, so we won't have to move to Kansas. (Well, I'm hoping, anyway.) We should know by this weekend, and are keeping our fingers crossed. Any good vibes, thoughts, prayers are welcomed. It's a good job, with a good salary, at a good company. I so hope he gets it.

Also, I've been painting the guest room. The prior tenants had painted it dark, camoflauge green, even the ceiling, with neon green trim. It's.... unspeakable, really. The color I'm doing is called porcelain, which is a perfect color for an art studio, which is what it will be if we don't have to move. Finally, an art room. It will be so nice to not have to clean up whatever is in progress every night at dinner time. If you're serious about art, and doing something more than just pen and ink or graphite, the kitchen table will not suffice.

Tonight, I completely 70% of the primer coat. Ceiling, at least, is done, though I'm feeling that in my neck, shoulders, and back. Ouch. I'll finish the primer tomorrow and paint it on Wednesday. (This is one of those jobs that becomes three times as long and involved when you have a 4 year-old who wants to be with you all the time.)

Then we'll move the easels in. (Mine and Zoe's.) The wonderful thing about this room is the double-size north window. Perfect painting light. Perfect.


Selkie said...

Sending you and Danny lots of energy.
Love the idea of an art room with light.

Laura said...

Yeah. Too bad it will be someone else's....