Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fox Miniature

I've added a penny into the picture, just to show the scale. This is, to date, the smallest painting I've completed. But tomorrow I'm working smaller - 2" x 2.75". It's hard on the eyes, but it's also great to complete a painting in an evening.

(I'l be entering this one into the miniatures show.)



Carol Creech said...

This looks really nice! I am amazed at how small it is. :) I never thought about creating miniature works. Like you said - really satisfying to create a painting in an evening. Look forward to seeing more! I love the owl, too.

Laura said...

Thanks, Carol! I do love getting it done in one day... It's a rush. You should do some! There are a bunch of miniature shows all around the country, too.