Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tiger Eye Miniature

Here's the next... I would have finished this yesterday, but unexpected events got in the way, and I spent the entire day out of the house.

Again, very, very small. I worked on this over three days. But in this picture, you can see what Zoe accomplished while I was finishing up details this morning. She's prolific, that girl is.

I have discovered a new art "game" that's good for how I feel about finished work. Last night, I was looking through my art books. (Coffee table type, mostly wildlife art.) All the paintings were spectacular, of course. But then.... I started looking at them as if *I* had painted them, to find what I would have been dissatisfied with if I'd done the work. And I found bits I'd have considered flaws had I been the artist. But when I was looking at it and admiring it as the actual artists work, I never saw the flaws. This is making me feel a bit better about never being completely happy with my paintings. Perhaps no one ever is.


Carol Creech said...

This is really nice! I love the eye--very well done. And the eye in the corner, along with the almost concentric tiger stripes going outward makes for some nice movement in this piece. Very cool!

And looks like you have a budding artist there with Zoe! My Evie pretty much only slashes at the paper with a crayon, but mostly likes to dismantle anything made of paper at this point...oh well, she is only 2. :)

Laura said...

Thanks, Carol. This one was fun. I painted the eye while holding a magnifying glass over it with my left hand. There's some really tiny detail in there.

Some miniature shows actually provide magnifying glasses for visitors!

And give Evie time... I'm sure she'll be artistic too - with an artist for a mom. (Just beware of Elmer's Go Paint pens. They smell REALLY bad.)