Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stranger Than Fiction

I heard a great, true story at the playground today.
A family was visiting the zoo in St. Louis. The parents turned around and discovered that their 4 year-old son was missing. They couldn't find him, and much panic ensued. After nearly two hours of searching by parents, zoo staff, and the police, the boy was located. He was just fine - he'd just wandered off and was doing his own thing.
He was soundly scolded and the family got in their car for the 4 hour drive home. Not wanting to get into more trouble, the boy failed to tell them something.
2+ hours into the drive, he asked his Mom if she'd be mad if he told her that something.
That something was... he had a penguin in his backpack. A live penguin.No one figured out how he got ahold of it, but the family turned around and drove several hours back to hand the penguin over to some very confused zookeepers.

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Aleta said...

ROTFLMAO. That was Hilarious!