Friday, October 2, 2009

No Tart

The day got away from me. After a vet trip with a sick kitten, a fussy daughter, a haircut for said daughter, a papier mache project, and grocery shopping, the pear tart has not happened.

But tomorrow is another day, and a Saturday to boot. Perfect for baking.

It's getting cool here, and Danny's tomato plant is dying off. But it's determined to have a last hurrah - it's ripening small tomatoes like mad,more quickly than it did all summer. Each night, we pull another few ripe tomatoes off, and watch a few more brown leaves fall. The plant is valient, and we're enjoying the early fall fruits.

But I do dream of a greenhouse, to have fresh, homegrown veggies all winter.

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Helen Ginger said...

Okay, I know what you're up to. You're dangling the Pear Tart in front of me. I'm not falling for it. Okay, I totally am. Are pears still in season?

Straight From Hel