Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Change of Direction, Again

I quit!  I'll no longer be pursuing art as a career. Hobby, yes. I'm addicted, and will never give it up. But it's time to accept that I'll never make any money at it. (In fact, far less than the cost of supplies.)  So it's on to something different... details to be revealed later.

In other news, it's October, and I think we hit 90 degrees today. Global warming, anyone?  Maine and NH are starting to look better and better all the time. (Too bad they are not full of web developer jobs.)  Ah, well, winter is coming, and with it, some beautiful snow!  It's time to start planning a really outlandish snowman. Or snowcreature. Something made of snow, anyway, and of exorbitant size and creativity.  I remember the snow sculptures my mom made when I was a kid (creature from the black lagoon, great white shark, etc.) and it's time to introduce Zoe to the concept.

Come on snow!

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