Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's October already?

I guess it is!

I've signed up for NaBloWriMo, or National Blog Writing Month, in which participants attempt to post something on their blog every single day during the month of October.

We'll see how well I do.

We've been releasing late monarch butterflies this week - we raised 3 from caterpillars, and the first emerged from its chrysalis on Monday, one yesterday, and the final one today. They'd better head south quickly... it's getting into the 40's at night, and the trees are starting to turn.

Another sure sign of fall in this area is the Louisburg Cider Mill corn maze. So we headed down today to get lost in the maize (yeah, yeah.)

Zoe grabbed the map from Danny and insisted we follow her (though I don't think she consulted the map at all.) Surprisingly, she actually led us through very quickly. I was truly surprised.   But that was the only enjoyable part of the outing - the crowds were horrific, and we actually stood in line for more than half an hour to buy apple cider.  Only to discover the Louisburg Cider Mill cider at the grocery store later in the day. Next year I'm going to remember that, and save myself some time.

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