Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2

Day 2 of the blog challenge, and again I have nothing important to say!

But it was a nearly perfect day:  Started out cool, then got into the mid-70's.  The trees are starting to turn, so there's an abundance of gold and rust leaves.  The mosquito population is thinning out.

Danny was at the Chief's game today, so I took Zoe to UU (I have a really hard time calling it "church", because it doesn't relate to the churches that left a bad taste in my mouth for years.) and caught up with friends. Then on to her soccer game, to watch the girls run with abandon - sometimes in the wrong direction - across the field.

The coach of the other team was a bit of a tosser, though.  Many parents - of both teams - were muttering about his manner. "Chill out, man," someone said. "He does realize these are first-graders, right?" said another. "Glad MY child isn't on his team."

A coach of elementary school soccer really shouldn't be telling a little girl to "get your lazy ass off the field. Now!"

But questionable coaches aside, it was a fabulous day.  And since Zoe doesn't have school tomorrow, I think I shall take her to breakfast, and then a long walk at the aboretum. Let a pleasant Monday commence!

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